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Marks USA patented HI-SECURITY cylinders offer a secondary mechanical locking mechanism that creates resistance to bump and picking attacks. In addition, the design supports a corresponding configuration on the key blank called a "security wave" (shown below) that supports prevention of unauthorized duplication of keys. The locking principal is adaptable to standard cylinders and large and small format interchangeable cores. Marks USA HI-SECURITY keyways and security waves are of proprietary origination. The distribution of key blanks is factory controlled. Multiple keyways and security codes are available. Assignment is by geographic or customer category type. The Marks USA HI-SECURITY pick and bump resistance features are designed with added security in mind for cylinders, cores and key blanks. In addition, patents provide legal protection for patent infringement against those who attempt to produce or manufacture key blanks or cylinders. Marks USA will aggressively defend its patent rights!




Marks HI-SECURITY cylinders are manufactured of brass bar stock. Cylinders are available in a variety of models. In standard construction, there are 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2", and 1-3/4" mortise cylinders. There are a variety of 1" and 1-1/8" combination mortise/rim cylinders, key-in-knob, large format interchangeable specifically for Medeco®, Schlage® locks and Best® type small format interchangeable core models in 6 and 7 pin lengths. Standard and large format cylinders may be ordered with the UL 437 HI-SECURITY option for greater drill resistance, Non-UL with the same pick and bump protection and in Security-Mate (A standard pin tumbler only cylinder without HI-SECURITY features, but matching the same key blank; shown on page 26). SFIC is currently available in Non-UL model only at this time. There are a variety of keying options available. "Zero-bitted" cylinders are shipped standard with either a factory default security code or are supplied with a specific customer security code. The common pin tumbler section of the cylinder has springs, driver pins and accommodates a key blank cut to zero in all positions.

  • Marks USA has made compliance with the Buy American Act (BAA) and American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) easy. Marks USA is an American manufacturer of quality door hardware products with manufacturing facilities in Amityville, NY. Marks USA is an American brand trusted throughout the door hardware industry.

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