Campus Lockdown & Access Solutions from NAPCO Security Technologies

  • High security access solutions & lockdown activated by the server or from an individual access lock
  • Scalable by door, area, building or across a campus of buildings, new & legacy
  • Real-time global lockdown or unlock in under 10 seconds
  • Lock down offices & classrooms from safely inside
  • Deploy wireless networked access locks in under an hour, a door at a time
  • Save Time in Emergency- Generate In-list/muster reporting to know who was and is in building
  • Manage on-premises or remotely via web client or smart device– Control access, privileges, locks and doors, by time schedule, exception, etc.
  • All-Enterprise solutions control alarms, video, locking, doors, elevators & access within one interoperable multilingual platform
  • Dynamic map control - Pinpoint alarms & activity and enable direct control of doors, cameras, etc. with live on-screen facility maps
  • Comprehensive Visitor Management System with live "Watch-List" Integration
  • Man-Traps can contain activity or persons within a specific area
  • Multiphase Threat-level management and groups -Enables administrators to more quickly react to present threats, by instantly deactivating  access by ID or groups or departments
  • New! Teacher/Administrator Lock-Down & Notification School Alert App for Smart Phones - interfaces with CA3000 Access System, PA/Intercom & First Responders
  • Lowest Acquisition & Maintenance Costs; Longest Warranties

Video Overview of Continental's Enterprise Campus Solutions

Capabilities for today & tomorrow with lowest total cost of ownership and no annual licensing fees.

ContinentalAccess went to school on the needs of educational facilities and those who secure them, just some of those solutions are:

  • A multilayer security approach, CardAccess 3000 software and Continental's own field-upgradeable hardware team up to create an end-to-end enterprise access control system that integrates security and safety, alarm, video and internal subsystems, as well as legacy structures and systems and future annexes and new construction.
  • Support for all identification systems simultaneously Smart cards, proximity, PINs and biometrics. It simultaneously supports multiple ID and reader formats.
  • Unbeatable ½ second door-open times, evaluating IDs at the panel, the system meets high-traffic/peak-time routines with fast multitasking processing.
  • Seamlessly scalable without upgrading software –Continenal grows with you with onboard storage for up to 1 million IDs per panel and support for 1 to 32,000 doors; 30,000 access groups and over 32,000 readers per location, without having to change/upgrade software packages.
  • Budget-stretching lowest TCO – No Annual License Fees. Microsoft SQL Server database based with open API support. Longest Hardware Warranties on the market. Field-upgradeable proven longevity for decades.
  • Flexible area-specific access control & security management from lecture halls, labs, residence halls & elevators, to visitor lobbies and parking garages by auto-controlled by occupancy counts, etc.
  • Assignable threat level management and multiphase lock-down functions for added lifesafety in incidents of violence. Email and SMS notifications; muster reports, too.
  • Remote central office reporting option expedites local response local patrols and crime investigations providing internal and/or external police/fire/medical alarm communications.
  • 24/7 Control with Remote Web Client Using Internet Explorer, day and night, system administrators can securely re/configure hardware & software, lock/unlock doors, get reports on personnel and change privileges, etc.

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